the vulnerable encounter

*ALL OF THE DETAILS SURROUNDING THE NARRATIVE HAVE BEEN CHANGED If you have ever been sick, you understand how it feels to be vulnerable. Now, whenever I mention "sickness", I am not referring to a cold or sinus infection; here, I am referring to the flu, stomach virus, pneumonia, "mono," etc. These sicknesses are very … Continue reading the vulnerable encounter

the symptoms untold

*ALL OF THE DETAILS SURROUNDING THE NARRATIVE HAVE BEEN CHANGED The chances are that if you come to the ER, you are not feeling well. Let's face it, who just goes to the ER for a routine checkup...actually I am not going to answer that because it happens more than you think. Anyway, my point … Continue reading the symptoms untold

why does this exist?

How often do we hear about the newest quandaries orunpredictable phenomenon revolving modern healthcare in the media? How often isthe culture quick to offer fanatical or seemingly intemperate solutions to themost critical dilemmas that involve the human person while forgetting the person within? There is no question that there are very stark dichotomies of beliefs … Continue reading why does this exist?